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Frequently Asked Questions

A budget estimate is provided to you before any formal agreement is made by our team based on the high-level criteria to give you an idea of the prospective team needed and their engagement in your project. The following phase is an ideation or UX/UI workshop. During these workshops, your team collaborates with our product design team, which includes a business analyst, solution architect, and UX/UI designers, to describe all features and functionalities in User Stories and create a technical recommendation for the project.

Before we can provide an initial estimate for your project, we need to know why you want to make such a product, what similar solutions are like on the market, and what features and functionality you are seeking to achieve. The estimation process will be aided if you have mockups, user research, high-level requirements, or any other relevant documents.

While working with various clients, we've constructed complex admin panels and backend integrations with a wide range of comprehensive systems. It's because of this that our staff can quickly predict the number of employees required as well as the time it will take for a product to reach the market After we receive your responses to any questions we may have had during your original enquiry, we will have a preliminary budget estimate ready in a matter of days.

The cost of developing software is determined by a variety of factors. Before providing a cost estimate, we need to go over the project requirements with the customer. Obviously, a basic software with little user interaction or backend processing will be less expensive to develop. A complicated application that incorporates financial transactions, heavy engagement, and is linked to external systems, on the other hand, will be much more expensive to design. The cost of software development is not just determined by the app's size or complexity. If you're creating a basic app with dozens of distinct displays, the cost may be comparable to that of more complex apps. It all boils down to the people-hours and the technological stack used to construct the app. According to our experience, the typical range of software development expenses is $50,000 to $250,000. Read More


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